How to fix Limewire connecting problem in 2012

How to fix Limewire connecting problem in 2012

How to Fix Limewire Pirate Edition connection problem in 2012 Using: LPE ConnectFix by Gnutella If Limewire Pirate Edition is trying to connect indefinitely or forever then this tip is for you. This is for those who still have problems connecting to Limewire Pirate Edition. Read the post at Download program at or or Download Limewire Pirate Edition at (Updated Oct 28 2011) Download Limewire Pirate Edition without the bloat (AVG etc) at Theme Lebis v1.1 by *Xyrax (WinXP only) * Background Music Masakazu Sugimori - Prologue ~The Beginning of the Night * Say NO to SOPA! Write your representative.
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  1. ScottLeaf says:

    I had to update Java to make other programs I run compatible and now I am getting the "Need Java 6.0" error as well. Could this be the end of the line for the Limewire Pirate Edition? Unless the holder of the code comes up with a fix me thinks it may? be.

  2. IWEBProductions says:

    Java 6 and not? 7

  3. Emad5501 says:

    man it? says i need java,, i installed java but still still saying i need java wth??

  4. IWEBProductions says:

    Probably there would never be one since the company got shut down way? before Java 7 was launched. I'm perfectly fine with Java 6 and it's still receiving updates. There is no Java 7 fix that I know of but I could be wrong cause I never checked, lol. I make good hunches though.

  5. stphinkle says:

    Java? 7 fix?

  6. IWEBProductions says:

    I? just placed it in the description and updated the download links

  7. omarJM3 says:

    what's the link? for the website?

  8. ssllaaddee says:

    Are you? sure iTunes is your default mp3 player? Select an mp3 file in the finder, then hold down both apple & i keys & what does it say under the Open with... section?

    You might need to try previewing button more than once. Try as I did to get the LW media player active.

  9. ssllaaddee says:

    Do you have LW's media player enabled or disabled? If it's disabled then your default mp3 player will attempt to launch any files. For iTunes? that means it may import a partially complete file. That's why I prefer to use LW's media player for previewing & launching. If I want to listen to music then I open iTunes & play what's already in its library. I'm not sure, but either QuickTime or iTunes might have difficulty with some incomplete files.

  10. garciaboy15 says:

    STILL can't get? it to work. Followed this exactly

  11. YaWatBruv says:

    It's ok i have? since got a brand new laptop and it connects first time really fast but when i go to download a song or film it sometimes says file not found when i click on it or says try again

  12. ssllaaddee says:

    Download frostwire... dont download the 5.0+ download the older version.? Just google old limewire and you can find it at If it does not connect follow this video and it will. I had the same connection issue (with frostwire) until I did this.

  13. henrycat3 says:

    Hi - can u tell me in very easy understandable words how to fix the problem of limewire pirate not connecting? I don't undersand what half of these videos are showing me and the gnutella site is too? complicated! sorry not a techy at all - thanks Jane

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